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Title 5 Regulations & Guidelines & California Code Sections

This section contains Title 5 Regulations, Title 5 Guidelines and pertinent sections of the California Education Code


California Education Code

All chapters, sections and articles 1-101060

ED Code Section 84850

The Board of Governors of the California Community Colleges shall adopt rules and regulations for the administration and funding of educational programs and support services to be provided to disabled students by community college districts pursuant to Chapter 14.2 (commencing with Section 67310) of Part 40.

Student Success Act of 2012

Chancellor's Office (2012)

Section 1587

An act to add Sections 66010.4, 66010.6, and 70900.5 to, and to repeal Sections 66500, 66608, and 66701 of, the Education Code, relating to education.

ATB eligibility

Subject:Title IV Eligibility for Students Without a Valid High School Diploma Summary: This letter clarifies changes made by the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2012 to the Title IV eligibility of students who are not high school graduates. June 28, 2012

Minimum Qualifications Handbook 2014

Minimum Qualifications for Faculty and Administrators in California Community Colleges 2014 Academic Affairs Division, Chancellor's Office, California Community Colleges


Title 5 Regs

Title 5 Regulations for Disabled Student Programs and Services (revised 1993)

DSPS Title 5 Regs Announcement Memo

Titel Regulations Comparison Chart

Title 5 Regulations Final Effective (October 16, 2015)

Title 5 Implementing Guidelines.

Interpretations of the Title 5 Regulations presented by the Chancellor's Office, as revised, November, 1997. Complete document. (60 pages)

Article 1. General Provisions & Definitions

56000. Scope of Chapter
56002. Student with a Disability
56004. Educational Limitation
56005. Support Services or Instruction
56006. Determination of Eligibility
56008. Student Rights
56010. Student Responsibilities

Article 2. DSPS Services

56022. Student Educational Contract
56026. Support Services
56027. Academic Accommodations
56028. Special Classes Instruction
56029.Special Classes Course Repeatability

Article 3. Reports, Plans and Program Requirements

56030. Reporting Requirements
56032. Physical Disability
56034. Communication Disability
56036. Learning Disability
56038. Acquired Brain Impairment
56040. Developmentally Delayed Learner
56042. Psychological Disability
56044. Other Disabilities
56046. DSPS Program Plan
56048. Staffing
56050. Advisory Committee
56052. Evaluation
56054. Special Projects

Article 4. Funding and Accountability

56060. Basis of Funding
56062. Provision of Support Services or Instruction
56064. Direct Excess Costs
56066. Comparable Services, Indirect Administrative Costs
56068. Indirect Administrative Costs
56070. Revenue from Special Classes
56072. Allocations; Reports; Audits; Adjustments
56074. Accounting for Funds
56076. Other Resources

Pertinent sections of the California Education Code referred to in Title 5 Regulations

California Education Code Excerpts

CALIFORNIA_CODES_1135-1139.8 Discrimination


Education Code 67300

EDUCATION CODE SECTION 67300-67302.5 Regulation regarding shared responsibility between the two entities (Dept of Rehabilitation and California Community Colleges)in serving students with disabilities.

California Civil Code Section 51-54.3

California Civil Code Sections 51-54.3 Discrimination

56048 Staffing

Implementing Guidelines for Title 5 Regulations; Section 56048 Staffing. (1997)

DSPS Staffing and Minimum Qualifications

Chancellor's Office (2009)

Minimum qualification exception

Section 87359.  The board of governors shall adopt regulations setting forth a process authorizing local governing boards to employ faculty members and educational administrators who do not meet the applicable minimum qualifications specified in the regulations adopted by the board of governors pursuant to Section 87356. 

Title 5 Section 53414

Title 5 CCR § 53414 Cal. Admin. Code tit. 5, § 53414 Barclays Official California Code of Regulations Title 5. Education Division 6. California Community Colleges Chapter 4. Employees Subchapter 4. Minimum Qualifications Qualifications and Equivalencies § 53414. Minimum Qualifications for Disabled Students Programs and Services Employees.

Listed here is an upcoming change to our Minimum Quals for DSPS Staff:

Academic Senate for California Community College conducts a review of the Disciplines List, which establishes theminimum qualificationsfor the faculty of California community colleges.

Retention and Destruction of Records

Subchapter 2.5 Ed Code

Title 5 Section 53420, Minimum Qualifications for Educational Administrators

5 CCR § 53420 Cal. Admin. Code tit. 5, § 53420 Barclays Official California Code of Regulations Title 5. Education Division 6. California Community Colleges Chapter 4. Employees Subchapter 4. Minimum Qualifications Qualifications and Equivalencies § 53420. Minimum Qualifications for Educational Administrators.

Title 5 section 54100 Parking for Students with Disabilities

Title 5 section 54100 Parking for Students with Disabilities

Title 5 Section 56068

Section 56068 describes expenditures that cannot be considered direct excess costs.  These administrative expenditures (with the exception of the DSPS coordinator's salary) are the responsibility of the district and should not be considered, in any part, as a DSPS program expenditure for reporting purposes.

California Office of Administrative Law Title 5 section 55200

California Code of Regulations Title 5. Education Division 6. California Community Colleges Chapter 6. Curriculum and Instruction Subchapter 3. Alternative Instructional Methodologies Article 1. Distance Education Section 55200. Definition and Application.

Title 5 CA Code of Regulations Section 59300 et seq

CALIFORNIA CODE OF REGULATIONS DIVISION 6, TITLE 5 Subchapter 5. Nondiscrimination in Programs Receiving State Financial Assistance Through the Chancellor or Board of Governors of the California Community Colleges.

Definition of a service contact

Excerpted from Sections 56026 and 56062 Title 5 Guidelines with input from Chancellor's Office staff

SpecialClass Repeatability

Special Class Course Repeatability Title 5 California Code of Regulations Section 56029.

2007_T5 Changes_Approved

California Code of Regulations, Title 5, Division 6 Revisions to Chapter 6 and Related Provisions Regarding Curriculum

SB 361

Amends Section 67380 of, to add Sections 66902.5 and 66903.1 and repeals Sections 69563 and 99155 of, the Education Code, relating to postsecondary education.

56026 Support Services

Implementing Guidelines for Title 5 Regulations (1973)

Financial Aid Update

Update on Federal Student Aid including Pell grants, direct loans, gainful employement and course repeats (highlighted in yellow) January 20, 2012

Credit Course Repetition Guidelines 2013

 A comprehensive explanation of the title 5 regulations governing when a student may repeat a credit course and when a district may claim apportionment for that repetition. July, 2013